ANGRY BIRDS gives the target at its premiere

The strength of the Spanish billboard again gives an important advantage over the same period last year. If at this point in 2015 they were raising € 4.2 million, at present the data you provided Rentrak is € 5.9 million, a significant 40%. The strength of the release of Angry Birds added to the maintenance of Disney (Captain America yLibro jungle) tapes allow much gas to the whole. Next week points back to good numbers thanks to the premiere of the new X-Men and the new comedy Melissa McCarthy should give the group enough gas to exceed 4.44 million a year ago were observed.

Sony Comedy Angry Birds, based on the video game mobile same name, is settled with a solid premiere of € 1.71 million. The film occupied 582 screens allowing you to present an average of 2,951 € and a sale of 280,000 tickets. It is a figure without being spectacular itself is positive for a product of this size. The more interesting comparison would be The LEGO Movie, Warner released with € 1.49 million two years ago. Inside the Sony universe, Angry Birds figure is higher than the adaptation of Snoopy (1.01 million) but below its franchise data Hotel Transylvania. Place the tape plays more in the line of Home (1.85 million), Kung Fu Panda 3 (1440000) or even Rio 2 (1.55 million).

It also exceeds the figures of the Spanish productions Catch the flag, and Philemon y Mortadelo 1,470,000, 1,420,000, both with high media presence. In all three cases the tapes had no relevant connection with the “mature”, in this case, sector affected by the remoteness of the boom of the game. However, maintenance is expected to be strong to wait between € 6.5 and 7 million.