Pokemon Go: this is the game of the future
Go Pokémon has reached the street. Literally, because we must now use your mobile phone to see the new reality that lurks in our streets. And we are surrounded by Pokémon, but not see them. Two concepts of tomorrow have teamed up to provide a social experience in technology as rarely have been able to enjoy.
On the one hand, it augmented reality, which uses cameras our mobile phones and tablets to mix our real environment with video games so you can see monsters in the palm of our hand. One of the video game Spanish bill best sellers in our recent industry es Invizimals, whose trading cards augmented reality caused a furor among younger. It’s as easy as putting chromium facing camera of your mobile and the corresponding monster appear, penetrating our reality like the fantastic break, the discord element in a horror novel.On the other hand, it is no stranger Pokémon and almost no one. The Japanese phenomenon of “pocket monster” takes a dozen video games, TV shows, movies, comics and everything you can imagine elmerchandising, with a collection of Pokémon and a whopping eight hundred twenty years in the gap. In his time, when he appeared for the Game Boy, meant an explosion of fans worldwide. In Spain, without going any further, the phenomenon has become not only a profitable business of video games and derivative products, but an important part of the world cosplayer.So, what comes out if we combine augmented reality and Pokémon? For the last ace in the sleeve of Nintendo: Go Pokémon, the Pokémon video game that brings the reality. This free app transforms us into a master Pokemon and serve us only our smartphone, we can create an avatar that walks through our city maps and go hunting these friendly monsters. So we eliminate the invented worlds and now develops Pokémon in our streets: so, the app forces us to move our city to find objects, gyms and Pokémon.In the Madrid we find a good assortment deZubat and Ratata; in Retirement they have already organized some hunting group, as the most sought Pokémon abound. In every city in the world we can wield our virtual pokeball and catch them all. As we go through a similar map that we could find on Google Maps when searching an address, we will find Pokémon hidden in parks, or the naked eye in the middle of the street. That’s the signal to change and use our camera, watching the Pokémon appears before our eyes.

Making a simple exercise of imagination, it is easy to forget that the phone is using. The sympathetic monster that not long ago was nothing more than a picture on the Game Boy, now it moves and jumps around us. With a flick of the finger on our screen, we can launch lapokeball and catch him. At that level of realism it has reached the saga that not long ago was content to put together a few pixels and create the illusion of a world completely. Now, the phenomenon assails our streets, forces us to move, to explore, and soon to fight with other teachers.

This social phenomenon around a game not unlike much of that given in the last 90 years in many schools in our country: the children gathered in the courtyards and played on the Game Boy to the first titles of the hit to the point that many PTAs and school policies banned consoles bring to class. If we thought that video games were somewhat isolated, which detains the person and transports virtual worlds away from contact with other living beings, the industry seems to try to prove the opposite: social content in games like Pokémon Go is indisputable, since the only way to catch the Pokémon is go out and explore strategic points.

And as we ventured out, why not do it with others who share our tastes? The Pokedadas are becoming commonplace in ours and in most countries, but now thanks to Pokémon Go are becoming much more like LARP, with players using their phones to track the city in search of Pokémon to capture. Now, let’s avatars and consoles and we rushed to the streets to capture and find new items for our game (virtual objects, of course).

This is just the tip of the iceberg: the fighting will soon come to Pokémon Go. And with them, who knows. Video games are starting to change the way we relate to the environment and others; Now the reality is the biggest playground and technology seems reconciled to our natural world. What is the new sexy geek, they said, and video games are the new way to break the ice between strangers.

(Source: www.elpais.com)