The toy industry will multiply its sales in December

As can be seen from the data provided by Fintonic’s latest study “El Canal detallista en el sector juguetero 2016”, the marked playability of the toy market remains a constant, year after year. In this way, 48.7% of the business sector is concentrated in the Christmas campaign, which comprises from November to January, although it is in December when there is more activity. During this month the retail chains of toys obtain 26.9% of their annual turnover and multiply by four their sales with respect to the rest of the year. However, January 4 is the most important date for the toy stores, which get 6% of their Christmas income, as revealed by Fintonic.

Also, last minute purchases are also a common trend among Spanish consumers. The days before the Christmas festivities and Kings gather 20% and 19% of Christmas shopping, respectively. Whereas the bridge of December supposes 9% of the sales of the campaign. For their part, those buyers of toys between 25 and 44 years allocated an average of 112.2 euros per year to the acquisition of this type of products. December is the month in which the average spending is higher, with 75.2 euros on average, followed by November, with 59.5 euros and January with 54.7 euros.

Toy ‘R’ Us, Juguettos and Imaginarium are the favorite toy chains of Spanish consumers; Since, according to data provided by Estudios Fintonic, these three companies account for 63% of the retail market in this sector. Toy ‘R’ Us recorded an average expenditure of 84.8 euros in December and 62.5 euros in January. Secondly, Juguettos registers 54.4 euros and 40.8 euros, in both months. While Imaginarium is in third place with 47.1 euros and 37 euros.