POKEMON toys given away and McDonalds valued on the stock market

The hamburger chain has seen shares of McDonald’s Holdings Japan, have risen to 23 percent during the day on Monday, representing the biggest daily gain since entering public offering 15 years ago, once they began to treat yourself with Happy Meals, toys related to Pokémon characters.

The toys, which since last Friday accompany these children’s menus in Japan have achieved, also on Tuesday, the shares should go up another 9.84 percent, which together with the increase on Monday, experts mean for the Japanese subsidiary of the company , the revaluation of the mark in more than 15 percent.

Fever this juice Nintendo has just begun and McDonald’s has become the first official mark draw on this success, since besides soon will sponsor pokeparadas and offer gyms Pokémon Go in their establishments, with the intention to attract players their fast food. A marketing strategy that will be replicated in the rest of the planet, according to TechCrunch, if successful.

In fact, many brands are already waiting to be included in these pokeparadas, for example, because in this way a new stream of potential customers to their establishments, sponsors of these spaces where users can hunt guaranteed the characters of the game.


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